Newton's Cafe
"The optimist sees opportunity in every danger; the pessimist sees danger in every opportunity."

Microwave Lightbulb

What the lightbulb to light up?

Invisible Soda

What causes the soda to separate?

The Carbon Snake

Research and Explain how the Carbon Snake is formed.  

Diving Ketchup

Explain what causes the ketchup to sink when the bottle is squized.

Straw Through a Potato Trick

Explain how you are able to push the straw through the potato when your thumb is covering one end.

Leak Proof Bag

Why doesn't the bag leak?

Shrinking Chip Bag

Explain why the bag shrinks. HINT: what is happening with the polymers in the bag?

Invisible Bottle

Explain why the bottle is invisible.

Fake Blood

Bleeding Knife Experiment

Explain the chemical process taking place that is creating the appearance of blood.

Iodine Clock Experiment

Explain the chemical process that causes the solution to turn dark.

Changing Milk Experiment

Explain the chemical process that causes the food coloring to shoot away from the soap.

Walking on Eggs Experiment

Explain the science to why you are able to walk on the eggs without them breaking?

CO2 Extinguisher

Explain the science that causes the flame to go out.

Boo Bubbles

Explain the science behind this effect.

Dry Ice Balloon

Explain why the balloon inflates when the dry ice melts.

Elephants Toothpaste


Explain the chemical reaction that is happenings that causes the effect.

Egg in a Bottle

Explain how air pressure is working to cause the egg to get sucked into the bottle.

Diaper Polymer Trick

Explain why water turns to a solid.

Bubbling Acid

Explain why the solution turns clear.

Microwave Ivory Soap

Explain what causes the Ivory Soap to expand.

Bubble inside of a Bubble

Explain how you are able to penetrate the bubble without it popping.

Static Flyer

Explain the science that keeps the plastic strips hovering above the balloon.

Dancing Spaghetti

What is the mystery powder and what causes the noodles to dance?


Email me your answer. Correct answer gets EXTRA CREDIT points.Explain why the balloon inflates when the dry ice melts.classhappenings@yahoo.