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Click on horses to hear their voices. Leave it going and see who you drive crazy in your family first!
Astronomy, Astronomy, & More Astronomy...
This is a great sight about anything one would like to know about astronomy and meteorology. This site was recommended to me by a young student, Samantha, in Delaware. Thank you Samantha!
A variety of fun games and other stuff for students and parents alike
Orbit Simulator
Challenging space game where you try to put a spacecraft into an orbit around a planet
Build a Monster
Design your own monster, rocket, or create belching sounds
Zeek Games
Lots of games in a variety of catagories (i.e. mindless fun, science, art & music, arcade, etc.)
Discovery Kids
Great variety of games and videos to explore.
Astronomy for KIDS
This site is perfect for young astronomers. It covers everything you would want to know about space.
This incredibly large and impressive site includes: exhibits, activities, cool experiments, illusions, brainteasers, and much, much more.
Cells Alive!
Visit this awesome site that brings biology to life! It is packed full of pictures showing cells in action. Start with penicillin and watch the video clip of its battle with bacteria. This site also includes great links for Science Fair ideas.
The Minerals & Gemstone Kingdom
At this sparkling gem of a site, dig into the world of minerals and gemstones. Find comprehensive information at Minerals A-Z.
The Weather Channel
The influences of weather are everywhere and make a difference in your school activities. At The Weather Channel, take the opportunity to become more involved with it. Find out ahead of time what your weather is going to be like!
All About LIGHT
This site has great information about everything you might ever want to know about light! This site is perfect for anyone doing anything related to light, eyes and vision, colors and the electromagnetic spectrum.
Lesson Video Channel